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Standard Chartered PLC is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, England. It operates a network of more than 1,200 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) across more than 70 countries and employs around 87,000 people. It is a universal bank with operations in consumer, corporate and institutional banking, and treasury services. Despite its UK base, it does not conduct retail banking in the UK, and around 90% of its profits come from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

An unsatisfied customer in India had this to say, "I have called the [Standard Chartered] customer care services more than 100 times again and again asking same question not help to solve the issue. Mostly Arrogant and non professional staff I have ever experienced in my life, had my salary account with them for past 5 years gonna soon change that. Disgusting and worse services please never ever go for this bank."


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Former Employee - Client Service Associate says

"They would squeeze all your efforts and energy out and lie to you."

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"The technology is the worst I've ever seen. Doing simple tasks like expense reports can be extremely time consuming simply due to the technology being so poor. Anything relating to admins is poorly funded and not well thought out. There is absolutely no training or proper onboarding for new hires. Completely ridiculous for a company of this size who uses a bunch of dumpsterfire programs that no other company uses. There is a very blatant "figure it out yourself" attitude. Admins here support WAY too many people. Could be 15, could be 20, could be more. The bank wastes tons of money on certain things but again, when it comes to admins, there is no consideration or investment. You're expected to essentially be on 24/7 call which is ridiculous for someone on the admin level. The approval process for everything (for example: travel) is extremely convoluted. It seems that very few decisions (large or small) are made stateside- everything goes through Singapore or London which is a huge pain due to the time differences. Even band 3 employees in NY have absolutely no influence. Bullying is a real problem and completely tolerated. No matter how many mandatory meetings this bank has about harassment and bullying, nothing will ever change because the most toxic people are promoted and never disciplined. Some of these managers and directors gossip more than what you would expect in a hair salon. HR is completely ineffective and lazy, the payroll department is equally incompetent. It seems like things may be better based on the reviews in some of the other SCB offices but the NYC office is a cesspool of incompetence. This is not a place that attracts the best and brightest. A lot of people seem stuck here because they wouldn't get anywhere at any other bank. The whole diversity thing is a farce. If you're not white, south asian or east asian good luck getting promoted. And speaking of promotion, when interviewing they tell you there are a lot of growth opportunities within the bank but generally this doesn't apply to most admins."

Current Employee - Credit Analyst says

"Need 400 pages for it. Quality of people is sub par. Bank is staffed with rejects from JPM, Citi, etc. People are simply incompetent from unknown, lousy schools. If you want to numb yourself out please join otherwise stay as far away as possible. Forget to mention that the pay is really bad. and finally culture is similar to Stalinist Soviet Russia where everybody drop a dime on you and report to HR."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor leadership team in the Americas region; Toxic culture/environment/management; SCB does NOT promote talent, but rather promotes those individuals who feed into the leadership politics. If you do your job, you can expect to stay status quo. If you do your job REALLY well, you def will never leave your current role; the talk about Culture and Values is done because "they need to do it". There are no values with SCB."


"Poor salaries/benefits. Work ethics hardly found. Horrible environment"

Former Employee - Finance says

"Indians hiring only Indians (mainly men) which is racist and discriminatory. Human Resources and management not doing anything about it. There should be some law suits due shortly."

Current Employee - Associate Director says

"Too many structural changes and too frequently"

Former Employee - Credit Analyst says

"no work life balance at all"

Current Employee - Senior Business Analyst says

"Completely unfair pay practices - bias and favoritism are ripe"

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Capabilities and knowledge of staff are lacking and below industry average, a lot of 'talkers' and endless meetings without actionable and measurable outcomes. Extremely inefficient internally running on archaic systems that are disparate and operated by teams who are disconnected. Management pushes for results without giving due credit. Finger pointing culture within the team that lead to nonproductive results."

Senior Associate (Former Employee) says

"the experience was not so good, long working hours, pressure, they used to ask us to come to work on weekends as well. No work-life balance. I would not suggest anyone working there."

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Partial management approach, Ineffective performance appraisal system, under paid, no work life balance, unskilled work force, nil customer orientation,"

Management Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My work and that of over 270 others was terminated abruptly and our positions given to Indian workers in India under the guise of redundancy. The bank does not care about its workers and sees them as expendables. No thought is put into workers welfare afyer work. Its use and dump. The bank is not above doing illegal acts when it wants its way. Sadly, we learnt from experience. seeLow interest loans.Be ready to be laid off at any time. Not for your mistakes, but as per the likes and whims, of management. Indians have taken over the bank. They are consolidating all the jobs in India."

Contact centre (Former Employee) says

"Big company of India family. No transparencies. Lack of meritocracy. management at sick stakes.NopePlenty"

Senior Manager (Current Employee) says

"top-level management is unaware of what is going in their area. We need to keep on followup with multiple sources for getting the confirmations that are prolonged. No appreciation for the hard work and manager reward their followers."

Worst management (Former Employee) says

"Nothing was good right from the management but I do not blame the bank. Because of some inefficient people sitting in the management position the whole bank is getting blamed."

Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work with strong diverse culture. They are strong in controls and compliance, its a culture to do anything the correct at the first time. Doing the right thing."

Graduate Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I have learnt good communication skills,management,people skills,professionalism.The growth at this company was very phenomenal as it increased my confidence at work."

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Stressful times of restructuring, head cuts or no replacements after resignations. Constant cost pressures, no pay increments for years but yet pushed to take more portfolio due to streamlining. No job security especially if you refuse to take more work. Many employees left due to insecurity, long hours (even work during leave and holidays and night calls are common) and yet unappreciated and no compensation recognition. Limited career progression except laterally or double hatting without increment or promotion. More retrenchments coming.Good work place in MBFC but filled with Nationality from South Asia.Long hours, high attrition rate, low morale, pay freeze, bonus cuts, demanding bosses and job insecurity"

Personal Financial Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Its a sales driven company with very little focus on customer service. Customers seem to be important to the bank only if they are going to give some business to the bankBrand nameNo customer focus"

Sales Officer (SO) says

"In my department we provide housing loan to our existing and other high profile coustmers we also provide loan against property according to coustmers profile.nothinglong hours"

Analyst/ Checker (Former Employee) says

"quite hard to get promote, sometimes quite stressful as we need run targetthey quite focus on team spiritsometimes quite stressful, need input daily report on excel by ourselves"

Customer Assistance Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management are not supportive. Growth will be next to impossible. Its a day to day routine which is sometimes boring. Your superior is favoritism.Forced Over time imposed"

Technical Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"i was totally depressed working with standard chartered. its a good company but the management quite bad. i was not given an opportunity for career development and to learn new stuff. my hard work was not recognized at all, i was getting very discouraged.good companybad managment"

Relationship Manager Preferred Banking at Standard (Former Employee) says

"I am so much disappointed once I joined Standard chartered Bank, people are so much mean there no one respect each other no one care about the life work balance, top management lease bother for there staff and only enjoy their own life.rediculaous work placelong houres no respect"

Fufilment Officer (Former Employee) says

"Indeed is a nice place to work with. firstly the work place is near to my house. very convenient to me. colleagues are very friendly and nice to get along. company provided good salary packages."

Relationship Manager (Former Employee) says

"my review for standard chartered is that i have learnt alot during work management was really good co workers were really co operative."


"Be cool and Clam Prompt service Strict but understandable helpful Surprise Audit Picnics & PartiesStaff Parties & Overnight PicnicsLate sitting for Audit Preparation"

Senior Manager Finance (Former Employee) says

"Not worth to write anything about the work. Only one common thing which will be prevailed is messed up or screwed up that will sum up the job culture and management is one of the worst you will ever come across..."

Officer Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Nepotism prevails at Stanchart. Very inhumane people culture. My managers bullied me until I left. High job insecurity. Very bureaucratic. High gender imbalance."

Emad Ahmed Khan says

"Worst Customer Support The verification process is so pathetic that they even don't know what they are asking. Like after answering all question correct they ask the silly question. I HAVE OPEN NEW ACCOUNT AND WAS ACTIVATING MY CREDIT CARD, SO THEY ARE ASKING WHAT WAS YOUR LAST TRANSACTION? SERIOUSLY? SUCH A NONSENSE!!!"

Noman Jawaid says

"OK...their security inquiry over the phone is amazing, they don't give damn if you are calling from the registered number or even tell them every single information their security questions were just endless, and if you were telling every answer right but dare to wrong on the last question then they will say that we cant help because you were not able to clear the security questions. PATHETIC, WORST & UM-IMAGINEABLE CALL CENTER SERVICE SCB PAKISTAN. I WONT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO OPEN ANY ACCOUNT IN THIS BANK."

Syed Owazi says

"Pathetic customer service by standard chartered in Pakistan. Not just the customer service but their service is worst, no request is taken care until I call them twice or trice to get it done. I am giving one star because there is no option to proceed without it or they deserve no star...."

Muhammad Ibrahim says

"They Do not have idea on how to retain customer or how to resolve customer Problems or Queries. Just reading from a script. also Agents are not updated on their own SOP and every one guides different Sops. Standard Chartered. (Pakistan)"

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